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Our Meniscus Coater is a specialized submicron photolithography tool that provides custom precision coatings from liquid films onto large, heavy monolithic flat substrates. It can be configured to roll-to-roll sheet processes. Any material that can be dip or spin coated can be meniscus coated, with several distinct advantages.

Advantages Of Our Coating Method

  • Almost 100% of the coating fluid is used, so there is little waste
  • Any substrate of arbitrary thickness or aspect ratio can be coated
  • Low equipment maintenance

Coating Liquid Films Typically Applied

  • Photoresist
  • Bottom absorbing films
  • Soluble Fluorocarbon films
  • Sol-gel films
  • Anti-reflective films


Standard Specifications



  Coating uniformity
  ± 3% max. deviation from mean
  Coating application rate
  5-50 cm/min.
  Back edge bead removal
  Knife edge
  Substrate size
  Centimeter to multi-meter scale
  Substrate thickness
  20 microns up to several centimeters


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